High-quality technology in the field of water, electrical and climate control for the greenhouse horticulture and utility sector


The sustainable and efficient use of water is one of the challenges of modern glasshouse horticulture. We are in close proximity of Westland growers and together we are able to manage this challenge.

Patron develops responsible and environmentally-aware solutions contributing to crop growth and optimum production. From irrigation pipes, misting systems, to drain water disinfection and ebb / flood systems.


Patron provides clear advice; whether it is about an existing company or  setting up a completely new horticultural project. Thinking along with our clients about the complete range of substrate, climate and company computers, lighting and sound installations and harvesting systems is our daily routine. We provide high-quality products that will serve you well into the future.


The user-friendly Hoogendoorn iSii compact controls irrigation in greenhouses and open field and manages greenhouse climate. The irrigation control in iSii compact saves you water and fertilizers by tuning the water dosage to the plant’s needs. The climate control increases yields and reduces pest & diseases by optimizing the growing conditions. The modular structure allows you to compile your own system: whether you want to control irrigation, climate or both.


Grow lighting is an important part of the complete product range we offer. Patron supplies the latest products in this area and advises on appropriate solutions. Our specialists view the possibilities together with our customers, taking into account lighting levels, energy distribution and future environmental requirements. Of course cultivation is put central in our approach.


For housing, shops or business premises, Patron is your reliable partner for electrical installations. Whether it concerns installations for lighting and the like, security, domotics and sound installations, the most important thing is a system that is working properly to serve you. Patron provides advise on the design of the installations and selecting the best systems / materials for your specific application. Our skilled technicians ensure that everything is installed neatly and on time.